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Do Your Competitors Have

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in New Business, Here’s a Few Reasons:

97% of potential buyers read reviews before purchase.

84% trust reviews like referrals from friends or family.

Reviews older than three months are considered "stale".

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Some Key Benefits:

Raise Your Ratings

(Everywhere it counts)

Improve your organization’s review ratings across the Internet (Google, Facebook, Angie’s List, Yelp! and 150 more) or wherever customers are finding you.

Earn More REAL
5-Star Reviews

(Get Customers to Gladly Post 5-Star Reviews)

The amount of reviews you have is important, especially if that amount happens to be ZERO, ZIP, NADA! ReviewPulse makes it simple for your clients to give you more 5-Star reviews than your competitors.

Enjoy FRESH Reviews 

(Don’t Let Stale Reviews Hurt Your Business)

KEEP GETTING NEW REVIEWS! 73% of potential buyers believe reviews older than three months are no longer relevant.

Get Review Alerts

(Stay on the Pulse of New Reviews)

Get alerted of your reviews as they come in so you can RESPOND to negative feedback before it does harm (if they do not provide it privately).  Remember to express GRATITUDE to your clients for giving you positive reviews!

Share Your Reviews Automatically

(Optimize Your Reputation With Auto-Share)

Leverage your growing reputation by automatically sharing your REAL 5-Star reviews on social media and your website! Very simple code pasted one time on your website, and permission to link to your social media profile is required.  Naturally, your clients or your staff will need to enter their contact data (only two fields!) into ReviewPulse to initiate the review gathering process.

Stop Bad Reviews

(And Get Feedback Privately)

Guarding your reputation is as much about getting more positive reviews as it is about stopping bad ones before they get posted.

Remind Clients to Give You Reviews

(We Make Sure They Follow Through)

If your HAPPY clients don’t post a review, we’ll send friendly reminders.

Send Emails & TEXTS / SMS Messages

(Get the Highest Response Rate)

SMS / TEXT message open rates are 98% compared to 20% for emails, AND, the average is 90 seconds or less to respond to a text message versus 90 minutes or more via email. ReviewPulse lets you leverage BOTH methods of requesting review for the BEST response rates!

Measure Your Reputation Health

(Insightful Reputation Reporting)

We provide real-time and scheduled reports so you can track your reviews and reputation growth.

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